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We have received dozens of testimonials over the years, not only from readers of Pain Relief for Life, but also from those who have experienced the benefits of the Pain Relief for Life approach to pain relief and from health care and fitness professionals who have attended our hands-on Muscle Balance Analysis seminars which teach the Pain Relief for Life approach for clinical use.  Here is a sampling of the response to Pain Relief for Life:

About Pain Relief for Life

From Those Who Have Experienced the Pain Relief for Life Approach

About our Muscle Balance Analysis Seminars that teach the Pain Relief for Life Approach

A Note from the Author

One of the reasons I love my profession is that it is a real joy and a genuine privilege to be able to help someone get out of pain.  If you’ve already read Pain Relief for Life, created and followed your own program, and achieved relief or even elimination of your pain - or if you’ve attended one of our Muscle Balance Analysis seminars which give detailed instruction and hands-on practice in the approach and techniques described in Pain Relief for Life - it would be wonderful if you would help in this work by sharing your success story with others through this Testimonials page, just as others have done above.  We will never use your name without your written permission, and you don't need to write a long or involved story, but even a brief description of your success with Pain Relief for Life could be the inspiration and encouragement that someone else suffering with your type of pain might need to try the Pain Relief for Life program and find relief.

Thanks for your help.

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