Pain Relief for Life

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If you're interested in attending one of these training seminars, please click here to let us know of your interest.

Upon request, seminars can also be designed to meet the special requirements of other groups. If you're interested in having a seminar presented locally and tailored specifically for your group, please click here.

Seminars for Further Learning

While the techniques presented in the book Pain Relief for Life are sufficient to enable you to create your own pain relief program successfully, many people have expressed a desire to learn these techniques in greater depth and detail, both for professional and personal use, as well as to acquire greater proficiency and understanding in a supervised classroom setting. As a result, we offer training seminars which are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of interested groups. Some of those groups include:

Health care and wellness professionals

To offer health care professionals and their staff members hands-on training in performing more detailed evaluations of this type in a clinical setting, to go more deeply into the rationale for the corrective programs, and to provide a wider choice of options for therapeutic correction.

Athletes, coaches, trainers, and fitness professionals

To provide hands-on training in performing more detailed evaluations of this type and to learn to incorporate muscular balance evaluations into training routines in order to optimize athletic performance and help prevent injuries.  This is especially critical for high-performance athletes.

The general public

For individuals who want to learn this system of pain relief in a hands-on setting in order to keep themselves in optimum physical condition and to help reduce, eliminate, or prevent pain. Also for parents who want to learn this system in greater detail in order to be better able to evaluate and monitor their children's posture and eliminate pain-causing postural problems early on.

Corporate wellness programs

To give employees hands-on training in postural evaluation and self-correction for pain relief and to encourage personal responsibility and enthusiasm for wellness, thereby helping to reduce the employer's cost burden due to lost time, decreased productivity, and increased health care insurance premiums resulting from postural pain and injury.

Police, fire, and military units

To provide supervisory and hiring staff members with hands-on training in postural screening and correction with this system, particularly for structural asymmetries, in order to ensure that front line personnel can perform their often mission-critical functions with optimum strength and balance, and without restriction or risk of harm due to postural pain.

Government health care agencies

To provide government health care personnel with hands-on training and the theoretical framework to enable them to evaluate and correct the often-missed structural and postural root causes of much chronic musculoskeletal pain, thus helping those governments to save millions of dollars each year which would otherwise be paid out for unnecessary treatments, surgeries, and medications.