Pain Relief for Life

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More Information

We wanted to offer some additional information for those who are interested in learning more about how posture and structure can create and maintain our chronic pain, as well as sabotage our athletic performance, and we also wanted to provide a better understanding of the far-reaching importance and effects of the principles and techniques presented in Pain Relief for Life.  As a result, we have included the following pages discussing some practical applications of Pain Relief for Life in real-life circumstances.  We hope you find this information interesting and helpful in achieving your own “Pain Relief for Life.”

Skeletal Asymmetries

This page gives a brief explanation of the vitally important role of skeletal asymmetry in creating and perpetuating chronic pain and dysfunction.

Info for Athletes

Whether you’re a high performance athlete or a weekend warrior, a trainer, a coach, or a team owner, this information is for you.

Info for Parents

This information could possibly save your child(ren) from a lifetime of having to deal with chronic pain.

What to Look For

This is a list of some signs that you or someone you know may have postural distortion or structural asymmetry which could be the hidden root cause of chronic pain.


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Privacy Policy

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