Pain Relief for Life

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If you want to check to see if you, your child, or perhaps another family member or friend may have some sort of skeletal asymmetry or other structural or postural issue that may be at the root of a chronic pain problem, here is a list of some common signs which can indicate that a structural or postural issue may exist.  The first two are especially important, and the next four can often be seen just by standing in front of a mirror.

Some Common Signs of Pain-Causing Issues

These are all indicators that there may be structural or postural "perpetuating factors" that may be causing or perpetuating your pain. If the factors that are causing your pain are found, addressed, and corrected, you can reduce or eliminate your pain, as well as potentially reducing your medical expenses by eliminating the need for unnecessary continuing treatment of a fixable problem.

For a more detailed discussion of these issues, please see Pain Relief for Life.

What to Look For