Pain Relief for Life

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About the Book

Many millions of people around the world suffer with chronic musculoskeletal pain - sore backs, necks, shoulders, hips, arms, and legs - and often without any apparent cause.  In many cases the treatments they seek out may perhaps give some temporary relief, but the pain keeps coming back, and when you add to that physical suffering the financial pain caused by the ever-rising cost of health care practitioner visits and pain-relief medications, the toll taken by chronic pain on sufferers is huge.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  A lot of chronic pain is optional - it’s under your control, and Pain Relief for Life first explains why chronic musculoskeletal pain occurs, then gives you the techniques you need to help reduce, eliminate, or prevent your chronic pain.

With its potential to help eliminate and prevent so much pain for so many people, this cutting-edge book belongs in the hands of every pain relief professional, physician, athlete, coach, and parent.

Studies have shown that up to 89 percent of adults experience pain at least monthly—many millions of them having severe pain—and healthcare costs are skyrocketing, so this practical, zero-cost system of do-it-yourself pain relief could not be more needed or more timely. Shunning the standard approaches, Pain Relief for Life offers a fascinating, well-illustrated exploration of how we unwittingly create a lot of our pain through our common, everyday activities and how to simply and logically set about eliminating the causes of that pain.

Section 1-Understanding Your Pain explores the structural causes of musculoskeletal pain, defines good posture, and explains how deviation from good posture necessarily results in muscular pain. It then discusses postural distortion and how even everyday activities, such as sitting too much, can create postural distortion and consequent pain.

Section 2-Charting Your Posture outlines a simplified method of doing a postural analysis to discover the postural distortions that are causing your pain.

Section 3-Getting Rid of Your Pain gives you the tools to create a personalized program to reduce or eliminate pain through stretches and exercises custom-tailored to counterbalance your personal pattern of daily activities and correct your specific distortions.

Section 4-Staying Pain-Free shows how to monitor your progress and how to adjust your custom pain relief program as your pain diminishes or your needs change, as well as what to do if your pain comes back.

Breaking new ground, Pain Relief for Life explains why the failure to detect and correct for common leg length differences and other skeletal asymmetries is one of the primary reasons so many pain relief methods and treatments don't produce lasting, long-term results. The book then provides simple techniques to find these asymmetries and correct for them.

About the Author

Al Skrobisch, C.N.M.T., C.Hom., is a neuromuscular therapist specializing in pain relief. An enthusiastic and popular teacher and speaker, he teaches this system of pain relief internationally through seminars for health care, pain relief, and sport/fitness professionals, as well as in workplace presentations and talks to the general public.