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A Note from the Author

I wrote Pain Relief for Life because of the huge number of people who came to my practice after having tried all kinds of pain relief methods and having spent lots of hard-earned money consulting health care professionals and receiving treatments, and yet were still suffering with the same chronic pain for which they'd originally sought treatment.  I was frustrated because the medical and health care professions had clearly missed or disregarded the root causes of their pain, pain which so frequently diminished or disappeared when a proper postural and structural analysis was done and the root cause of the problem was addressed.  I wanted to make this approach to pain relief more widely available to pain sufferers around the world, to help readers understand some of the basic causes of musculoskeletal pain and how they could chart their own paths out of pain.  

To quote from the Preface of Pain Relief for Life:

So many people suffer with pain needlessly when some simple self-care could help restore them to happy, healthy, productive lives. In addition, along with their physical suffering, the ever-increasing burden of rising healthcare costs often adds to their misery. To me, there is no higher calling than helping a fellow human being to get out of pain, and I would consider it a genuine privilege to assist you in reducing or eliminating your chronic or persistent pain. All I ask in return is that you share in this work by spreading the word to others that a lot of pain is optional, and that there is a way out. Once you know, it is important for you to help others to know.

Please help to spread the word that there is a way out of so much chronic musculoskeletal pain. If we each just tell our own success stories to as many people as possible and encourage them to try the Pain Relief for Life approach too, together we can help an entire generation realize that a lot of pain is optional, empower them to take control of their own pain relief, and thereby change both the approach and the cost of pain-related health care.

Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it and the people you tell about Pain Relief for Life will appreciate it too.

I sincerely wish you and yours the very best of health,

Then Pain Relief for Life is for you!

Pain Relief for Life was written to be a self-help manual for those who suffer with chronic musculoskeletal pain.  It explains why such pain occurs, shows you how to evaluate your posture and structure, and gives you the tools to help reduce or eliminate your own pain.

We invite you to explore this Pain Relief for Life web site and hope that the information provided will be of use in helping you to create your own Pain Relief for Life.

Welcome to Pain Relief for Life